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Two different giraffe babies have been born at two different zoos in recent weeks. We've brought them together for a not-so-little rubbernecking opportunity!

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

A 1-month-old giraffe calf named Machaleo made his debut alongside his mother, Shani, at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Wednesday October 13th. The male calf is the 115th Uganda giraffe born at the Safari Park. In addition to the giraffe the Park is also home to a 3-month-old black rhinoceros and several antelope and gazelle that are being hand raised.

Photo Credits: San Diego Zoo Safari Park

St. Louis Zoo

The Saint Louis Zoo's newest addition, is just about a month old in these photos, and seems to love sunbathing. Born on September 10, 2010, he weighs about 136 pounds and stands over 6 feet tall. This is the seventh calf for Susie and Dexter, who has sired 13 calves altogether. Mother giraffes are very affectionate and protective toward their babies, touching and licking them frequently. Susie's gestation period was about 15 months.


Photo Credits: Ann Aurbach

The following is a short video of Desi...