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Minnesota Zoo's Dolphin Calf Is Ready for Visitors!

Born July 17 to mom “Allie” and dad “Semo,” Minnesota Zoo's newest calf has spent the past few months bonding with mom, meeting grandma “April,” growing rapidly, and exhibiting her own independence (as mom allows). Weighing approximately 30 pounds and measuring 2-3 feet long at birth, she is now approximately four feet long weighing 60 pounds. Marine mammal staff have closely monitored her since birth and so far, the calf is doing very well. Because she is exploring her new environment, she may not be visible at all times.



Photo credits: Bob Cole

"Now that the calf is three months old and being well cared for by her mom Allie and grandma April, its time to take the next step and give all three females access to the main exhibit pool," said Marine Mammal Supervisor Diane Fusco. "It will be under Allie's watchful eye that the calf explores her new surroundings. We look forward to seeing her more and more, and we know our guests will enjoy watching her antics as she explores her new home." Male dolphins play no role in the rearing of their calves, and because the father could become aggressive toward the mother and/or calf or possibly interfere with the mother/calf bonding process, Semo will be introduced to the calf once the calf is strong and well-bonded with Allie. Semo, 45, is believed to be one of the oldest reproducing male dolphins in human care.