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September 2010

Feisty Fennec Fox Kits for Drusillas Park

The UK's Drusillas Park in East Sussex is currently debuting its second litter of Fennec Foxes in six months. The twins (one male and one female) who are not yet named were born on July 23rd and are thriving under the watchful guidance of proud parents Mali and Tabari.  They have now taken their first steps and are just starting to explore the environment outside the nest box.




Photo Credits: Drusillas Park


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Teeny Tiny Mongeese

Two Dwarf Mongoose Pups, each the size of a chocolate bar, have been spotted enjoying the September sunshine in Chester Zoo. Squeaks were heard by the keepers three weeks ago but the pups were not seen until they ventured outside in the Mongoose Mania enclosure. With a diet of mice, locusts and meal worms, this species normally live to about 10 years old and can grow up to 12 inches long. Dwarf Mongoose Pups are the smallest of all African carnivores and normally deliver one to six pups. The adult pair has been in the zoo since 2009.  They were moved to the Mongoose Mania enclosure in March this year. 

Baby dwarf mongoose chester zoo 1rs

Baby dwarf mongoose chester zoo 1rs

Baby dwarf mongoose chester zoo 1rs
Photo credits: Chester Zoo / Stuart Robinson

Rare Crocodile Breeding Success in St. Augustine!

The St. Augustine Alligator Farm has 3 brand new Slender-snouted Crocodiles and 13 more are on the way! Two of the babies (seen below) hatched on exhibit, and the third (also below) in an incubator. African Slender-snouted Crocodiles are rarely bred in captivity and little is known about their habits in the wild. Director John Brueggen says, "we have already learned that the parents opened the nest and carried the eggs to the water to free their young from the eggs.  They are both fantastic parents, defending their babies very aggressively." This is a very important pairing as both of these animals are wild caught and have never bred in captivity prior to this.  Their genes are an important part of the population of M. cataphractus in captivity.




Photo Credits: St. Augustine Crocodile Farm

Playing Mom for Two Otter Pups

Longleat Safari Park in the UK is delighted to announce the birth of two otter pups although contrary to normal Longleat practice, the pups are being totally hand reared as human intervention became necessary to save the tiny two. Deputy Head of Section, Beverley Allen, took up the role of mum to the intrepid pups. “We try and maintain a hands off approach with any newborn at Longleat as nine times out of ten, mum is the best bet” explained Beverley. “We soon realized however that mum, Rosie, was just not producing enough milk and we’d have to step in to save their young lives”.

Asian small clawed otter pup longleat 1c

Asian small clawed otter pup longleat 1b

“I have to admit that being full time mum to two pups is pretty hard work. I’m feeding them by hand every 3½ hours on artificial puppy rearing milk, which is the next best thing to mum’s milk. 

“They are now around four weeks old and their eyes should be opening in the next week or so. They’re completely helpless at the moment and are entirely reliant on me to look after them."

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Cleveland Rhino Mom Delivers 100 Pounds of Joy

The Eastern Black Rhino family at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo welcomed a new female calf August 17, the fourth daughter born to mom Inge, and second offspring of dad Jimma. She was estimated to have weighed more than 100 pounds at birth. The baby rhino, who has yet to be named, is a significant addition to the zoo population as there are only 31 female and 36 male Eastern black rhinos in zoos in North America and they are considered highly endangered in the wild. There have been only two other Eastern black rhino babies born in the U.S. this year.




Photo Credits: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

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Orphaned California Sea Lion Pups Find a Home at Brookfield Zoo

The two unnamed female pups, born on June 7 and June 10, were abandoned by their moms at a popular tourist attraction—Pier 39 in San Francisco—which is a highly unusual place for a California sea lion to give birth. Lucky for them, they were rescued by staff from The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California, eventually making their way to the Chicago Zoological Society's Brookfield Zoo. The pups are off exhibit for the moment while they get used to their new home but are doing great so far!

California sea lion pups brookfield zoo 3

California sea lion pups brookfield zoo 3

California sea lion pups brookfield zoo 3

California sea lion pups brookfield zoo 2

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Frolicking Tiger Cubs Make Their Denver Debut

Back in June we brought you the announcement of Denver Zoo's new Amur Tiger quadruplets. Now we bring you photos from their first foray outside. Amur Tigers are classified as critically endangered, with an estimated population of fewer than 400 individuals remaining in the wild. Once called Siberian Tigers because they were found throughout Siberia, they are now confined to Far East Asia along the Amur River, hence the new name. 

Tiger cubs denver zoo 1

Tiger cubs denver zoo 1

Tiger cubs denver zoo 1

Tiger cubs denver zoo 1Photo credits: Dave Parsons / Denver Zoo

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