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September 2010

ZooBorns Books Are Coming! Pre-Order Now


ZooBorns is proud to announce the release of two brand new books: ZooBorns! (for young children) and ZooBorns (for all ages). These are the cutest animal books ever made, chock-full of outstanding photos, but there's more - each entry includes interesting facts about the species and related conservation initiatives. 10% of all ZooBorns' profits from these adorable books goes directly to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Conservation Endowment Fund. 

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Twice the Tiger Triplets at the Bronx Zoo!

The popular Tiger Mountain exhibit at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo is booming as six tiger cubs make their public debut today. The six cubs include three Amur and three Malayan tigers. The last litter of Amur tigers born at the Bronx Zoo was more than 13 years ago; and this is the first litter of Malayan cubs ever exhibited at the Bronx Zoo.  The arrival of the cubs has brought a new dynamic to Tiger Mountain.  For the first time, zoo-goers will see Amur and Malayan tigers, in adjacent exhibits, allowing them to compare the notable size and coloration differences between the two subspecies.

Amur Tiger Cub Triplets

Amur tiger cubs bronx zoo 1a

Amur tiger cubs bronx zoo 1a

Malayan Tiger Cub Triplets

Malayan Tiger Cubs Bronx Zoo 1a

Photo credits: WCS Bronx Zoo / Julie Larsen Maher

“The birth of these tiger cubs is true cause for celebration,” said Jim Breheny, WCS’s Senior Vice President of Living Institutions and Director of the Bronx Zoo.  “The opportunity to be present and watch as these majestic creatures mature from playful cubs to awe-inspiring adults is an experience every New Yorker will enjoy.  That both the Amur and Malayan tigers are part of the Tiger Mountain experience will make it easy for our guests to learn about both subspecies of tigers and how important it is to protect them in the wild.” 

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Binder Park Zoo Welcomes Two Red Panda Cubs!

Binder Park Zoo is hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet again!  On June 12th, 2010, Binder Park Zoo’s female red panda, Delilah, gave birth to two cubs.  The Zoo’s animal care staff was concerned at first as red pandas often reject their babies in captivity, but Delilah has proven to be an excellent mother.  She has become the first female red panda to raise her own cubs at Binder Park Zoo.




Photo Credits: Binder Park Zoo

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Tazo Loves Chewing on His Toys

The WCS's New York Aquarium has just released a new video of everybody's favorite feisty pup - Tazo the orphan Sea Otter! Rescued and rehabilitated by the Alaska SeaLife Center back in August, Tazo continues to exhibit the talkative, troublemaking spirit evident in previous videos. While the pup is not yet on exhibit, he will most likely make a public debut later this year.

Baby sea otter tazo ny aquarium 2

Baby sea otter tazo ny aquarium 2Second photo credit: Julie Larsen Maher / WCS NY Aquarium

Tennessee Welcomes Tiny Spiny Turtle Hatchling

One Spiny Hill Turtle, Heosemys Spinosa, hatched at the Tennessee Aquarium Monday, September 20th from a clutch of three eggs that were laid on June 18th.  The eggs were incubated at 82 degrees.  The hatchling weighs 26 grams and is roughly 2.25 inches across. This is only the eighth successful hatchling of this species at the Aquarium.  According to senior herpetologist Bill Hughes, each successful hatchling improves the odds of this species' survival. “We now have seventeen Spiny Hill Turtles in our collection,” Hughes said. “There are eight adults and nine juveniles. The adults are part of the Tennessee Aquarium’s Asian Turtle Breeding Program.”



Interestingly, this little "Hill" Turtle bears a striking resemblance to Morla, the giant sneezing mountain turtle in The Neverending Story.


Photo Credits: The Tennessee Aquarium

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San Fran's Francois' Langur Babies say, "Hi!"

On September 7, 2010, animal keepers at the San Francisco Zoo were greeted by a wonderful and unexpected new addition -- the birth of an infant François’ Langur. Then, on Thursday, September 23, 2010 another infant was born, this one was planned through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan. The two vibrant orange-headed infants were welcomed with open arms by the rest of the langur group and both mothers and newborns are doing incredibly well.




Photo Credits: Paul Chamberlain

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Little Peccary Piglets in Los Angeles

On August 23, the Los Angeles Zoo welcomed two Chacoan Peccary piglets. This relative of the pig is native to Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. They were thought to be extinct until 1972 when biologists found the species hidden away in a secluded section of Paraguay. 

Baby peccary piglets los angeles zoo 1b

Baby peccary piglets los angeles zoo 1b

Baby peccary piglets los angeles zoo 1b
Photo credits: Tad Motoyama / Los Angeles Zoo

In the wild, low growing species of cactus make up most of the peccary’s diet.  Like hogs, peccaries have a well-developed snout used to root out bulbs, roots, tubers and rhizomes of a variety of plants. Unlike the domestic pig, the peccary is a slow and dainty eater; they do not devour their food rapidly.

Endangered Giraffes Born at Longleat

The latest species to be added to the "red list" of endangered animals has received a major boost after three baby Rothschild Giraffes have been born at Longleat Safari Park in August. All three Giraffe calves are doing well and can be seen enjoying their new surrounding within the East African Reserve. The first baby to be born has been named Kaiser, a male Rothschild Giraffe and the first to be born to dad, Doto, who was only introduced to the Longleat giraffe ladies in early summer 2009. This young chap measured in at a whopping six foot at birth and is already dwarfing many of his fellow residents in this popular Wiltshire attraction.



Photo Credits: Longleat Safari Park

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Walking, Hopping, Bouncing Mara Twins!

England's Longleat Safari Park has two perky new additions. Patagonian Mara, also known as Patagonian Cavies, are a giant relative of the Guinea Pig and are native to South America. Parents Bernie and Bernice have only been at Longleat for a year and staff are absolutely delighted with the birth of the twins. Maras mate for life, and can deliver between 1 and 3 offspring each year. Mara babies are very well developed, and will start grazing within 24 hours. There is a whole range of gaits for this animal from walking to hopping like a rabbit or bouncing on all fours! Adults can leap to nearly 6 feet despite only reaching about 18 inches in height themselves!





Photo Credits: BNPS