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Red Panda Cub Gets a Check-up

Vets at the UK's Chester Zoo got their fist opportunity to get a proper look at their new Red Panda cub, who has been kept away from prying eyes by its doting mum (except for these awesome pictures). The cub’s check-up went well with a clean bill of health and a snazzy new microchip (just in case). But the real excitement came when they discovered that the cub was female, a first for Chester Zoo! Keepers are now thinking of a suitable name for the newcomer.

Red Panda Cub Chester Zoo 1

Red Panda Cub Edinburgh Zoo 1

Red Panda Cub Edinburgh Zoo 1

It is expected that the cub will become more independent from September onwards.  She is the sixth cub for nine year old mother Lushui and father is Pali who came to the Zoo from Germany.