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Here at ZooBorns we're no strangers to Fennec Fox kits. One we've dubbed Radar Ears holds court over our Facebook page. Today L.A. Zoo announced the debut of three new baby Fennecs. The three kits, born on May 24, are being raised by their parents in the Winnick Family Children’s Zoo.  It takes patience and a keen eye to spot the littermates as they are great hiders.

Fennec Fox Female with 2 Pups 7-24-10_Tad Motoyama 2024



Photo Credits: Tad Motoyama / Los Angeles Zoo

Fennec Foxes are the world's smallest wild canine, weighing in at just under 3.5 pounds in adulthood. In contrast to their small stature, Fennecs have distinctively large ears that can reach a length of up to six inches; about one-third of their body length.  Their ears serve as “radiators” that dissipate heat enabling the foxes to stay cool. They also enhance the fox’s acute sense of hearing, helping them detect prey.

Fennec Foxes are nocturnal animals native to the deserts of North Africa that hunt small rodents, birds, eggs, lizards and insects. Their cream-colored coats allow them to blend in with their desert surroundings.

And while we're at it, these pictures of juvenile Fennec Foxes from Germany's Zoo Darmstadt are too good not to share...


Fennec fox baby  zoo darmstadtPhoto Credits: Joachim S. Mueller