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Things Are Gonna Get Weird - Baby Caecilians!

Eel? Worm? Baby sea-monster? Actually Caecilians are amphibians like frogs and salamanders, but they lack any limbs and their eyes are tiny or non-existent. Most caecilians live underground in moist soil but Aquatic Caecilians, like these babies born at the Tennessee Aquarium July 18th, spend their lives wriggling within swamps, ponds and lakes.

While nearly all caecilians have lungs including Aquatic Caecilians, this species is also born with frilly, external gills, which can clearly be seen in the pictures below. The gills detach from the animal’s body shortly after getting its first breath of air from the surface. We recommend watching the video to see these bizarre critters in action.

Baby aquatic caecilian tennessee aquarium 1

Baby aquatic caecilian tennessee aquarium 3

A baby caecilian smile perhaps?

Baby caecilian says "Hi Leah Melber!"