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Meet Kaladi the Orphan Sea Otter

In late May, two concerned citizens discovered a three day old Sea Otter alone on the beach in Kodiak, Alaska. After obvserving her for several hours and seeing no sign of a parent, they contacted the US Fish and Wildlife Service, who in turn determined that they baby was an orphan and transferred the tiny ball of fluff to the Alaska SeaLife Center's rehabilitation program. Named Kaladi, the young otter has thrived, spending her first month eating, playing, crawling, and cuddling and on June 25th, she was transferred to her new home at Point Defiance Zoo in Washington. In our professional opinion as baby-animaloligsts, the video below is absolutely priceless.

Baby sea otter alaska sealife center 2

Baby sea otter alaska sealife center

Photos and video courtesy of the Alaska SeaLife Center