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Capy Trio Rocks Chessington Zoo

These 15-day-old Capybara babies seem like they were born to rock.  Something about the spikey-haired "wet" look and their "blue steel" attitude should land them a cover spot on Rolling Stone. "Spinal Cap", perhaps? The pictures were taken at Chessington Zoo in the UK just yesterday by photographer Mogodonman. Note the sleepy-eyed bass player on the top left of the lead image.




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Tiny Veiled Chameleon Hatchlings at National Zoo

Sometimes, tinier is better. This green little fellow is about as tiny as they come. The National Zoo's female veiled chameleon laid 27 eggs last December, some were infertile, and nine hatched between May 31 and June 14. The two- to three-inch-long young were very agile shortly after hatching. Adult chameleons are solitary animals, but for the first few weeks, the babies will be kept together.



20100602-70MMPhoto Credits: Meghan Murphy/Smithsonian's National Zoo

Cheers to Linda L. for the heads up!

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Four Servings of Arctic Fox Cub

Last Friday, lensmen A.J. Haverkamp shot some great images of Zoo Duisburg's baby Arctic foxes. These canids are specially adapted for life in the frigid arctic with thick fur, a compact form, and a special circulation system in their paws. They also have keen hearing, which allows them to precisely locate prey beneath a layer of snow pack. They hunt by diving down beneath the snow and often emerge victorious!



Mom keeps a watchful eye from higher ground


Photo Credits: A.J. Haverkamp

Leaping Lemur Dive-bombs Older Sister

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo in Indiana had a busy spring season in its lemur department. Female lemur Seiodin gave birth to twins on March 8.  Then, just two days later, her daughter Caera delivered a single baby! Seiodin's twin babies get their first look at the outside world in April (first photo below) and Caera's baby takes a cautious peek over mom's shoulder in the second picture. The video shows one of the twins attacking her big sister, Kushla.  At the end of the video, Kushla gets revenge on her little attacker!



The top 10 CUTEST ZooBorn Cats


You asked for it so here it is: ZooBorns' Top 10 Cutest Cats born at zoos around the world over the last year and a half. From the tiny to the not so tiny, this is the official list for all you feline fans.

image from

1. Sand Kittens at Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort

A cousin to the domestic house cat, sand cat kittens highlight the differences between the wild and the familiar. Oversized ears help dissipate heat and large padded paws are perfect for prowling on the hot desert sand. This kitten and its sibling were born at Al Ain Wildlife Park in Saudi Arabia via in-vitro fertilization as part of a collaboration between Al Ain, the Cincinnati Zoo and the University of Illinois.

image from

2. Ocelot Kitten at Connecticuts Beardsley Zoo

Dubbed the "Miracle Kitten", this little ocelot was only the third in history to be born successfully via artificial insemination. Nocturnal hunters, the white circles around ocelots' eyes actually reflect light giving them exceptional night vision. Photo credit: Shannon Calvert

White tiger cub tampa's lowry park zoo Robert LaFollette rs

3. Tiger Cubs at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo

Contrary to popular belief, white tiger cubs are neither a unique species or albinos. They are typically Bengal tigers with an uncommon recessive gene. These twins, Kali and Durga, were born at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo last year. Photo credit: Robert LaFollette

image from

4. Amur Leopard Cub at Germany's Serengeti Park

Only forty Amur leopards are estimated to remain in the wild. The research and breeding efforts of zoos like Serengeti Park are critical the survival of this critically endangered species if it goes extinct in the wild. Photo credit: Joerg Sarbach / Associated Press

Clouded leopard cub national zoo 1

5. Clouded Leopard Cubs at Smithsonian's National Zoo

A medium sized cat (10-16" at the shoulder) native to Thailand, little is known about these elusive cats in the wild. These cubs were born at the National Zoo in support of the Species Survival Plan for this vulnerable species. Photo credits Mehgan Murphy/Smithsonian's National Zoo

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Tiny Things Debut at the SF Zoo!

Earlier this week the San Francisco Zoo introduced some of their newest, and smallest, friends to the public. First we have two baby Emperor tamarin twins who will spend the next few weeks clinging tightly to mom's back. This species gets its name from the regal mustaches of adulthood. Secondly we have a feisty black-tailed prairie dog pup. Prairie dogs are a type of highly social ground squirrel that live in huge "towns" made up of countless individuals across hundreds of miles. They often make "house calls" on neighbors and greet each other by touching noses, which looks an awful lot like Eskimo kisses.

Baby tamarin san francisco zoo 1

Baby tamarin san francisco zoo 2

Baby tamarin san francisco zoo 3

Baby prarie dog san francisco zoo 2

Kisses for mom!

Baby prarie dog san francisco zoo 1

Photo credits: Tamarins twins - Amy Hansen, Prairie pups - Marianne Hale

Up Close and Personal with a Pygmy Hippo

The Mokopane Biodiversity Conservation Centre was established in 1979 as a satellite of South Africa's National Zoo to promote conservation, research and education in support of native African species. Located roughly halfway between Pretoria and the famous Kruger National Park, Mokopane is part zoo, part breeding facility and part open range where a variety of African species interact in a natural environment. 

These camera phone pictures were taken specially for ZooBorns and feature Mokopane's newest little pygmy hippo, born May 28th.




Photo credits: Mark Howitt / National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

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Three Little Pigs

If you had to give out an award for the prettiest of all pigs, the Red River Hog would be a top contender. While the little hoglets don't have the orange-red fur of their parents, they do sport fashion forward camouflage stripes. These three little pigs were born at the LA Zoo at the end of May. Definitely worth a visit if you live in the area. On a sidenote, I think the music in the video is perfectly suited for piggy adventuring.

Red river hogs la zoo 2

Red river hoglets la zoo 1Photo credits: Tad Motoyama / LA Zoo

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Rare Debut of Asiatic Lion Cubs

Belgium's Planckendael Zoo has something to be very proud of. Five tiny Asiatic lion cubs made their public debut today, and the quintuplets are healthy, happy, and ready for mischief. Mom keeps the little rascals under control, but her own amusement is palpable in photos taken earlier today. Wild Asiatic lions are in danger of extinction, and only 411 individuals remain today. Breeding efforts like these help to bolster the reserve population as efforts to increase wild populations continue.







Photo Credits: Planckendael Zoo