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This past Friday, the Lincoln Park Zoo debuted its one week old endangered Grevy’s zebra colt to the public. Named Enzi, which is Swahili for “power” or “might”, he is the first offspring for his 3-year-old mother named Adia. He is also the first zebra foal to be born at the zoo since 2001. Mother and mini-baby zebra spent their first week off exhibit so the pair could bond in private and animal care staff could carefully monitor their health.



Photo Credits: Lincoln Park Zoo

Dave Bernier, curator of mammals at the zoo says the duo is doing very well. “Adia is demonstrating excellent maternal care and behavior towards her offspring,” he said. “The foal is very healthy and active and the two zebras are inseparable as you would expect from a protective mare and healthy foal.”

Adia and Enzi are currently being housed separately from the rest of the five-member herd.

“Grevy’s zebras tend to be less social than other species of zebra,” explained Bernier. “We want to minimize the chance of any aggression towards the youngster from the other zebras, so for the time being we’ll keep Enzi and Adia in their own exhibit. When Enzi gets a bit older we’ll start introducing him to rest of the females.”

For zoo visitors who are particularly enamored with the youngster, they can help support his care by “adopting” him. The special ADOPT-an-Animal package includes a zebra baby plush toy, certificate of adoption, fact sheet, photo and magnet. The ADOPT program is a unique way for people to bond with the animals, and help support the care of these unique creatures. ADOPTing an animal is also a way to support the zoo’s efforts to keep admission free year round. Enzi’s ADOPT package is $40 (plus $6 S&H) and is available on site or through the zoo’s Web site Enzi and Adia can be seen on exhibit daily at the Antelope and Zebra area of the zoo.