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June 2010

Denver Zoo Tiger Quadruplets!

Denver Zoo is celebrating the birth of four endangered Amur tiger cubs born May 31 in a private maternity den. The cubs cannot be seen by visitors yet and are being monitored by keepers via a closed-circuit camera. Zoo veterniarians gave the cubs a clean bill of health at a recent exam.The quadruplet cubs are the first to be born at Denver Zoo since 2003. An announcement will be made when the cubs are big enough to be seen in their zoo habitat.


Denver Zoo Baby Tiger5

Denver Zoo Baby Tiger6

Denver Zoo Baby Tiger4

Denver Zoo Baby Tiger1
Photo Credits: Dave Parsons/Denver Zoo

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A Good Little Fellow...

Meet the Melbourne Zoo's newest Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo joey. While the baby is actually six months old, the little marsupial is just now starting to poke its head out of mom's pouch so these are some of the first glimpses for keepers and the public! Believe it or not, people actually hunt this rare kangaroo for food in its native home of Indonesia. Combined with habitat destruction, the animal's status is soon to be downgraded from endangered to critically endangered by the IUCN. These outstanding photos were taken by photographer Angelica Jellibat.

Goodfellows tree kangaroo joey melbourne zoo 1a

Goodfellows tree kangaroo joey melbourne zoo 2

Goodfellows tree kangaroo joey melbourne zoo 7

Goodfellows tree kangaroo joey melbourne zoo 5

Goodfellows tree kangaroo joey melbourne zoo 1

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Feisty Pallas's Kittens at Wildlife Heritage Foundation

The UK's Wildlife Heritage Foundation announced the birth of four Pallas's Cat kittens on May 28th to proud parents Tula (F) and Wei Shand (M). Tula is doing a fabulous job of caring for all her new kittens and they are growing up very fast!  In the following videos the kittens can be seen at 5 days old and then 3 weeks old, which helps give you an idea of how quickly these kittens are developing. 



Note that what appears to be hissing in the second video is actually the kittens smelling the keepers when they come to check-in. The WHF explains that they are actually quite relaxed and this open-mouthed smelling behavior dissipates as they get older.

Pallas's cat kittens whs 1

UPDATE: Just got this new video in along with new instructions - #1) Avoid bright light #2) Don't get them wet and #3) NEVER feed them after midnight.

Up Close and Personal with a Snowy Owl Chick

The Yorkshire Dales Falconry Centre is committed to educating the public about the need to protect wild birds of prey and promoting associated conservation efforts. These pictures of a snowy owl chick born at the center were taken earlier today by photographer Margaret Woodward. Snowy owl parents are well equipped for defending their babies. When a predator gets too close to the nest, both mother and father will dive-bomb the threat with their sharp talons extended.

Baby Snowey OwlO RLY?

Baby Snowey Owl

Sea Lion Pup Splashes into Denver

On Sunday June 13th, Denver Zoo welcomed a vocal little sea lion pup, their first in 17 years! Denver Zoo visitors now can see the female pup as she explores the seal pool in the zoo’s Northern Shores area with her mother. Weighing just 15 pounds now, she will eventually tip the scales at a burly 195 to 230 pounds.

Sea lion pup denver zoo 1

Sea lion pup denver zoo 2

Sea lion pup denver zoo 3Photo credits: Dave Parsons / Denver Zoo

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Red Panda Born at National Zoo. First in 15 Years!

It was love at first sight for Shama and Tate, the red pandas at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, and now, nearly 1½ years after they were introduced, the pair has a cub as evidence of their strong bond. On Wednesday, June 16, Shama gave birth to a single cub—the first for both of the Zoo’s red pandas and the first red panda cub born at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., in 15 years.



Photo Credits: Smithsonian's National Zoo

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Nashville Zoo Welcomes Rare Clouded Leopard

Nashville Zoo’s clouded leopard Jing Jai gave birth to a rare female cub on May 24. This is the second clouded leopard birth at the Zoo in two years as the Zoo continues its work to save this species in decline. At one month old, the cub, named Matsi, weighs 1.5 pounds and is being hand-reared by Zoo staff. Clouded leopards are seriously endangered because of deforestation, poaching and the pet trade.

Nashville Clouded Leopard Cub 1 - Christian Sperka

Nashville Clouded Leopard Cub 3 - Christian Sperka

Nashville Clouded Leopard Cub 2 - Christian Sperka

Nashville Clouded Leopard Cub 4 - Christian Sperka

Photo credits: Christian Sperka

 “Clouded leopard conservation is a unique and ambitious project at Nashville Zoo,” said Rick Schwartz, Nashville Zoo president. “The birth of the female cub not only adds to a worldwide clouded leopard population that is rapidly decreasing, but it also increases the genetic viability of the captive population.”

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