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Nashville's Storm Babies! (Part I)

This past weekend, record rainfall caused catastrophic flooding in Nashville and the Nashville Zoo staff worked day and night to ensure their animals' welfare. Their hard work paid off with not one, but two remarkable births, welcoming a Eurasian lynx cub on Saturday and a Baird's tapir on Sunday.  The tiny baby lynx is being hand-raised by keepers and will eventually join "Wildlife on Wheels”: the Zoo’s educational outreach program that takes animals to schools, senior centers, hospitals and other community areas that might not be able to make it to the zoo on their own. The mother lynx is showing no signs of stress that her baby is being hand-raised.

Lynx kitten nashville zoo 2

Lynx kitten nashville zoo 3

Lynx kitten nashville zoo 4

Lynx kitten nashville zoo 5

Lynx kitten nashville zoo 6

Lynx kitten nashville zoo 1

Photo credits: Christian Sperka

Tune in Monday when we bring you Nashville's second storm baby, the aptly named tapir, "Noah." In the meantime, learn about how you can help the Nashville Zoo recover from the devastating flooding.