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Monkey See, Monkey Hair Do

We want your vote (via comment, facebook, email, or twitter) for best hair do. America's newest Golden Lion Tamarins are facing off in a ZooBorns showdown for coolest coiffe. ('Elvis', on the left, is from Zoo Atlanta and 'Orolito', right, is from Cleveland Metroparks Zoo). Send the name of your pick via any of the channels above and we'll tally the results. Click the images below to enlarge.


Extra points may be awarded for clinging technique...

Full 'Orolito' courtesy of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo/ 'Elvis' courtesy of smileybears




Elvis's parents are Robin and Theo, both 4 years old and residing at Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta, Ga. Zoo Atlanta has a free-ranging program, so the GLT's can roam freely in the trees - hence the wind-blown look - (they do have radio collars so that they can be tracked). Elvis was born on March 18, 2010. The photos were taken May 16, 2010.



Cleveland Metroparks Zoo welcomed a baby golden lion tamarin on March 30, 2010. The baby, whose sex has not yet been determined, is the first offspring at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo for mother “Brie” and father “Cumin,” who arrived in Cleveland in 2009 from the Audubon Zoo and the Bronx Zoo, respectively. The baby was recently named “Orolito” which means “Little Golden One” in Spanish. On exhibit in The RainForest, the infant spends most of its time clinging to the back of its mother or father. Golden lion tamarins are native to Brazil and are endangered mostly due to habitat loss.