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May 2010

Baby Lemur on the Lookout

Zoo visitor and photographer Marion G. contributed these pics she took at France's Montpelier Parc Zoo a few days ago. The precocious little Crowned Lemur baby can't seem to get enough of the "paparazzi". Crowned Lemurs are vulnerable to extinction in the wild. The few which remain inhabit only the northern tip of Madagascar, the island where all wild lemurs live, off Africa's southeastern coast.




PeekingPhoto Credits: Marion G.

Endangered Foals Frolick in the Fields of Calgary Zoo

For the first time since 1994, three Asian Wild Horse foals have been born at the Calgary Zoo’s endangered species breeding facility – the Devonian Wildlife Conservation Centre (DWCC). The adorable new additions, now frolicking in the meadows at the zoo’s ranch, expand the herd from 8 to 11 horses. The public will have the chance to name the foals. The three foals were born on April 24 (colt*), May 2 (filly‡), and May 20 (filly) – contest details follow. All of them were sired by Varanasi, a stallion born at the San Diego Wild Animal Park and introduced to the Calgary herd in 2008. All three mares, Naghai, Molly and Chilka, were born at the Granby Zoo in Quebec.




Photo and Video Credits: Calgary Zoo

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Tiny Tapir ‘Perfection’ Spotted at Edinburgh Zoo

A new addition to Edinburgh Zoo has been officially announced today (Thursday 27 May). Born just over a month ago on 23 April 2010, the male baby Malayan tapir called Kamal, whose name means ‘perfection’, can now be seen exploring his enclosure under the watchful eye of his mum Sayang.




Photo Credits: RZSS

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Baby Lemur Gets a Bath

Another week, another baby with mixed feelings about mom's doting attention ("That's enough already mom!"). In this case, an eight week old baby collared lemur at the Bronx Zoo also attracts a would-be auntie of a different species who thinks mom might have missed a spot. Definitely watch the video at the bottom.

Baby collared lemur baby 2

Baby collared lemur and baby bronx zoo 1b

Photo credits: Julie Larsen Maher / WCS Bronx Zoo

If you live in the New York area or have been looking for an excuse to visit, go check out this adorable primate at the Zoo's Madagascar! Spiny Forest Exhibit and you might just catch a lemur bath.

Meet "Furball" the Orphan Otter

Found alone on the Central Coast of California, a whimpering little otter pup was rescued and taken to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Too young to fend for herself but too old to be placed in the surrogate otter mom program that would have provided her with the necessary life skills to be returned to the wild, "Furball" (eventually renamed Maggie) was adopted by the Aquarium. More specifically, she was adopted by marine mammal trainer "Hugh" who has spent the last few months as her surrogate dad, including many nights sleeping next to the young otter. Watch the adorable video below and learn more about Hugh's adventures with Furball on the Aquarium's blog.

Maggie the otter furball baby aquarium of the pacific