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"Ewe" Can't Resist the Lambies!

On March 25th, twin ewe (female) lambs were born to Cosley Zoo’s ewe Opal.  Each of the lambs weighed about 10 lbs at birth. Another of the Wheaton, Illinois Zoo’s ewes, Pearl, gave birth to a single ram (male) lamb on April 2nd.  He weighed a whooping 15 lbs at birth!




Photo Credits: Sarah Parisi / Cosley Zoo

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Most recently, the Zoo’s ewe, Rose, had twin ram lambs. The lambs weighed 10 lbs and 11 lbs, and were born on April 10th.

New lambs are not the only additions to the Zoo lately.  The nanny goat, Daffodil, gave birth to twin kids, one doe (female) and one buck (male) on May 15th.  The kids weighed in at 6 lbs 8 oz and 6 lbs 10 oz., respectively. Like all hooved animals, lambs and kid goats are able to stand up and nurse within one hour after birth.

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