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April 2010

Endangered Red Wolf Pups Return to the Wild!

Two of six endangered red wolf pups born at Lincoln Park Zoo on April 17 are on their way to North Carolina today where they will be released into the wild through the Red Wolf Recovery Program. The newborn pups will be placed inside the den of a pair of wild adult wolves that are currently nursing their own small litter of comparably aged pups. The wild wolves will become the zoo-born pups’ foster parents.




Photo Credits: Lincoln Park Zoo

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Bronx Zoo's Newest Pawful Debuts: Lion Cub Triplets!

Today, the Wildlife Conservation Society debuts the new pride of the Bronx Zoo – three lion cubs. The triplet African lions are the second litter born at WCS’s Bronx Zoo in a year – after more than three decades. They can be spotted with their mother, Sukari, and father, M’wasi, at the zoo’s African Plains habitat, from 10am to 1pm daily. You can click here to help name the cubs on the Zoo's website.




Photo Credits: Julie Larsen Maher © Wildlife Conservation Society

Video Credit: Luke Groskin © Wildlife Conservation Society

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Louisville's Slugger Fights On!

The Louisville Zoo’s female infant baby gorilla (born February 6, 2010), is continuing to improve after a family skirmish left the infant injured. Happily, the Zoo’s veterinary team now says her prognosis is good. The infant is in an off-exhibit area in Gorilla Forest being hand raised by staff who are physically holding and caring for her 24 hours a day. To aid and speed recovery, she is continuing to receive aggressive nutritional support and antibiotic therapy. She is also on iron supplements to help with her anemia.





Photo Credits: Kara Bussabarger/The Louisville Zoo

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Mogo's Marmoset

Meet Mogo Zoo's newest little marmoset. Ebe was raised by keepers after his mother died just five days after his birth. Keepers initially thought Ebe's odds of survival were low but hand raising by the Zoo's head primate keeper paid off and Ebe is thriving. The world's smallest monkey, pygmy marmosets like Ebe here, weigh only 20 grams as newborns - less than a human thumb.

Baby marmoset mogo zoo 1 rs1

Baby marmoset mogo zoo 2 rs

Baby marmoset mogo zoo 3 rs

Photo credits and copyright: Mogo Zoo

Baby Bear Cubs Revealed!

After much anticipation, the Smithsonian National Zoo reveals the first pics of their two Andean bear cubs born mid-January. After months of seclusion in their den with Mom, zoo staff finally determined that one of the cubs is male and the other is female. The cubs remain off exhibit as they adjust to the presence of people. Also known as spectacled bears, this species is native to South America and vulnerable to extinction from poaching and habitat destruction.


Photo Credits: Mehgan Murphy / National Zoo

Follow the cubs' progress via the Zoo's bear cam!

Checking in with The National Zoo's Leopard Cubs

Born just over two months ago, the National Zoo's Valentine's Day Clouded Leopard twins are now up and about, and making eyes for the zoo's all-star photographer Mehgan Murphy. We have selected a few of the best takes from three sessions.  In the first group, taken earlier this month, the cubs are starting to take on distinct personalities.




Photo Credits: Mehgan Murphy / Smithsonian's National Zoo

Find more shots of the cubs at just over a month below the fold.

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