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Feisty Dingo Puppies Make Their Debut

Four months old and full of energy, male dingo pup Mattie and female pup Naya come to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo in Indiana straight from the Dingo Discovery Centre in Victoria, Australia. While they may look like domestic dogs, dingoes started branching off as a subspecies 4,000-5,000 years ago. Unlike domestic dogs, dingoes howl instead of bark and can only breed once a year. In the photos below, Mattie and Naya explore their new exhibit for the first time and reportedly "enjoyed it immensely!"

Dingo 4 months old Fort Wayne Children's Zoo (6)

Dingo puppies Fort Wayne Children's Zoo (1)

Dingo puppies Fort Wayne Children's Zoo 2

Dingo 4 months old Fort Wayne Children's Zoo 7

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Steady Progress for Taronga's Miracle Elephant Calf

Taronga Zoo’s newborn male Asian Elephant calf continued to make progress overnight. His dedicated keepers, who monitored the newborn throughout the night, were delighted that the calf has begun to suckle from his mother, Porntip, unassisted and moving around without help. This is an encouraging sign after he survived a protracted labour before being delivered alive against the odds yesterday morning at 3.27 am. Both he and his mother are well and will be staying in the warm barn today.


Photo Credits: Bobby-Jo Vial / Taronga Zoo

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Sydney's Miracle Elephant Calf Survives!

Despite overwhelming evidence that her first calf had not survived a protracted labour, Taronga’s Asian Elephant Porntip delivered a male calf alive at 3.27 am today. The Zoo’s Director, Cameron Kerr, said: “Her dedicated keepers reported the amazing news early this morning that the calf had been born and was showing signs of life to Taronga’s veterinary team who immediately rushed to the elephant barn to assist Porntip and the calf.”




20100310-calf4-bobby-jo-vial-hiPhoto Credits: Bobby-Jo Vial / Taronga Zoo

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Endangered Gorilla Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom has a new arrival!  The newborn female Western Lowland Gorilla is doing well and has already become an integral part of the gorilla family group that includes first-time mother, Kashata, father Gino and two other females. The infant has been named Lilly — in honor of the late Alecia Lilly, Ph.D., who was senior scientist and vice president of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.


Photo credits: Gene Duncan / Wild Animal Kingdom

Gorilla Tickles: Bawang and Hasani at the SF Zoo

In May of 2009 we brought you the story of a baby gorilla named Hasani who had been abandoned by his mom but was adopted by a surrogate mother, Bawang, at the San Francisco Zoo. Today we check back in on mother and baby to find that they are doing very very well. In the first pictures, mother Bawang is tickling little Hasani.

Hasani gets tickled 1

Hasani laughing

Bawang and hasani

Auntie Nneka and hasani 2 Photo credits: Marianne Hale

This last picture is actually Hasani with Aunti Nneka but you get the idea.