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Just days after officially being named Pathi Harn (pronounced ‘par tea harn’ and meaning 'miracle' in Thai), elephant baby Mr. Shuffles enjoyed a mud bath with older cousin Luk Chai. Shuffles, who was thought to have died during labor, continues to thrive at Sydney Australia's Taronga Zoo. Today marked his 3 week birthday!




4477183155_edebbcdcfePhoto Credits: Bobby-Jo Vial

Watch a video and read more about the 'Miracle Calf' below the fold!

Luk Chai and Pathi Harn are spending a lot of time playing together. Pathi Harn is becoming more confident around Luk Chai and actually pushing on him and chasing him around. Luk Chai runs off and then circles back to play some more. Luk Chai is being really good, very gentle with the smaller calf.

Over the last couple of days during morning bath times, we get out the baby pool for Pathi Harn. He doesn't get all the way in yet, but puts first one foot and then another into the water. He likes to swish it around with his trunk. We've brought Luk Chai into the barn to show Pathi Harn how much fun he can have in the bath. Luk Chai loves his bath.

The two calves go in the mud wallow a lot together. When Porntip stands next to the wallow to get a drink from the hose, Pathi Harn gets straight in the mud to play.

He's becoming more confident all round and leaving mum a bit more often to go off and explore. He's actually charging around the paddock from elephant to elephant, Tang Mo has taken great interest in him, she loves the babies. This has brought her and Porntip close.