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The snowstorm on February 13 may have caused Riverbanks Zoo to close, but the snow did not keep the Zoo’s newest addition away. When Zoo keepers entered the giraffe barn that morning, they were greeted by a lanky little boy who had not been there the night before.





“We had been expecting this new baby for a long time and had joked that Ginger would give birth during the coldest time of year – of course, she waited until it snowed,” said John Davis, curator of mammals at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden.

The calf, whose naming rights will be sold during an online auction, is no small baby. At birth, he tipped the scales at approximately 112 pounds and now, at three weeks, he is 143 pounds. He is also growing taller everyday. Now approaching six feet, he won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

To put this in perspective, Lewis, the calf’s half-brother, born in February of 2009, now stands close to 10 feet tall and half-sister Vivian B., born in August of 2009, is almost 9 feet tall.

While this is the first calf for Ginger, the new baby is Charlie’s third, bumping the giraffe count at Riverbanks to seven.

“The spacious enclosure was designed to hold several giraffes and we are now at capacity,” said Davis. “To see a herd of seven giraffes, all varying in size, on exhibit together is truly spectacular.”

Visitors to Riverbanks can expect to see the little guy outside on days that are sunny and close to 60 degrees. This weekend would be a perfect time to plan a visit, as temperatures and conditions are favorable for the giraffe to be on public display.