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February 2010

What's a Tahr?

January saw multiple births of Himalayan Tahr at Singapore Zoo's Night Safari. Four year old Aman, who has been at the park for more than two years, became a proud father four times over. Himalayan Tahr are one of three species (in addition to the Nilgiri Tahr and the Arabian Tahr) of large Asian ungulates related to the wild goat.



Photos courtesy Wildlife Reserves Singapore

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Baby Tapir says "Take me to your leader!"

The Henry Doorly Zoo's newest resident might look like ALF, but he's not an alien. This little Malayan Tapir calf was born December 6th and is just now on display with his mother, Knobbie, in the Asian Rainforest exhibit.

Baby tapir henry doorly zoo rs

In their native jungles of Southeast Asia, tapirs use their long snouts to reach tasty leaves that would otherwise be just out of reach. The birth of this little guy is particular exciting because the species is endangered in the wild and the breeding program population in North America is small.

Baby tapir henry doorly zoo 2 rs

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Endangered Tree Kangaroo Emerges from Her Pouch

Meet the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's newest and cutest little Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo joey. Unlike their Australian ground dwelling cousins, Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroos live in New Guinea and spend most of their lives high in the trees. They have an amazing ability to jump from trees, having been observed leaping down to the ground from 30 feet or more on a whim. Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroos are endangered due to poaching and habitat destruction.

Baby goodfellows tree kangaroo joey cleveland metroparks 1 rs

Baby goodfellows tree kangaroo joey cleveland metroparks 3 rs

Baby goodfellows tree kangaroo joey cleveland metroparks 2 rs

Baby goodfellows tree kangaroo joey cleveland metroparks 4 rs

Photo and video credits: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

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Orphan Otter Finds a Home at Monterey

In a story both heartbreaking and heartwarming, a baby Sea Otter was rescued by the Monterey Bay Aquarium after losing her mother. The young otter was found crying and desperately trying to climb on adult females in Morro Bay, seeking her missing mother. Already occupied with their own pups, the adult otters repeatedly pushed the little girl away. With things looking increasingly desperate, staff decided to rescue the pup and bring her back to the Aquarium. Learn more here but as you can see in the pictures and video below, Kit is in a wonderful new home with a loving companion, 9 year old Sea Otter "Mae."

Baby sea otter monterey bay aquarium 1

Baby sea otter monterey bay aquarium 2

You can also see more via Monterey Bay Aquarium's live webcam

More Maned Wolf Cubs at Denver Zoo!

Three rare maned wolf pups have begun exploring outside of their hut over the last few days at the Denver Zoo.  Cayenne, a female, and Santiago and Diego, both males, were born on Christmas Eve to mother, Itati, and father, Tega. The pups have remained close to mom but are becoming more curious daily. All three pups were just given a clean bill of health by  doctors. Denver Zoo visitors can see the pups as they explore at the zoo’s Feline Building just east of the main entrance.




Photo Credit Dave Parsons / Denver Zoo

See their medical exam below the fold...

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New Clouded Leopard Cubs at the National Zoo!

Just this past Sunday, the Smithsonian's National Zoo welcomed two adorable Clouded Leopard Cubs. At just half a pound, these tiny cubs weigh little more than house cat kittens. But these cubs have more to offer than just a ridiculously cute little face. Because they are only two generations removed from wild populations, their genetic stock is especially valuable to conservation focused breeding efforts.

Milk Moustache! 


Photo Credits: Mehgan Murphy / Smithsonian’s National Zoo

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