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This tiny pup is already equipped with sharp claws for digging on the African savannah 1

A litter of six baby Banded Mongoose pups were born Thanksgiving Day at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. After spending their first few weeks in the nest box, the babies have begun chirping, playing, and harassing  the almost outnumbered seven adults in the enclosure. 

At three weeks old, banded mongoose pups are already running, digging, and eating insects 2 

Our female mongoose gave birth to a litter of six pups on Thanksgiving Day 5 

Five of the six banded mongoose pups gather in their hay-filled tub for a photo 4

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo Welcomes First Litter of Mongoose Pups

A litter of six banded mongoose pups was born in the African Journey on Thanksgiving Day, nearly doubling the size of our mongoose colony!  After spending their first few weeks tucked into a nest box, the pups were soon running, chirping, and playing with the seven adults in our mongoose colony. 

Native to Africa’s savannahs and grasslands, banded mongooses are champion chompers with needle-sharp teeth. They munch on insects and small animals, which are excavated from the soil using strong claws.  Bird eggs are a favorite treat.  Mongooses have a strong social bond within their colony, and often sleep together in a furry heap. 

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is one of only four United States Zoos to exhibit the banded mongoose.

Mongoose pups are tiny, weighing only a few ounces. Adults weigh three to five pounds 3