Baby Beluga at Shedd Aquarium
Baby Mongoose Is Plotting Something...

A Busy Year for Babies at Chessington Zoo

The UK's Chessington Zoo reports a record year for baby births. Marc Boardman, Zoo Manager, explained: “2009 has been our biggest baby boom EVER at Chessington World of Adventures, with everything from gorillas, spider monkeys and lemurs to frogs, seahorses and condors getting in on the action. Most of the animals in Chessington Zoo are endangered or threatened species and the most important part of the work of the zoo is its contribution to conservation.” 

Mbulu, baby Western Lowland Gorilla

Ayu the Binturong, the first parent-reared Bearcat born in the UK for decades

One of Chessington's many recent Skunk babies

More feathered and furry fun below the fold...

Baby Spider Monkey

This Andean Condor chick born in July is the first parent reared Condor born in the UK in 12 years, making Chessington one of only two zoos in the UK to have parent reared CondorsCondor_chick2