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Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtles grow to be one of South America's largest, up to 18 lbs and over a foot across, but start their lives only a bit larger than a quarter. Unfortunately for these endangered turtles, they are considered a popular delicacy in and around the Amazon River Basin. The Buffalo Zoo hatched these babies in October where they will soon be on display, and of course, off the menu. 

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Buffalo Zoo Welcomes Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtle Hatchlings! 

      BUFFALO, NY—The Buffalo Zoo is proud to welcome the latest additions to M&T Bank Rainforest Falls—seven yellow-spotted Amazon River turtle hatchlings!

      The turtles began hatching at the beginning of October. These are the first yellow-spotted Amazon River turtles (Podocnemis unifilis) to hatch at the Buffalo Zoo. The hatchlings are currently off exhibit to ensure proper development and care. Visitors can view their parents, however, in the river system of the Zoo’s newest exhibit, M&T Bank Rainforest Falls.

      Found in the rainforests of South America, yellow-spotted Amazon River turtles are named for the yellow blotches of color on the head.

      They are listed as an endangered species. Their numbers are declining because they remain a popular food item in some South American countries.