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Perth's Newest Primate: "Don't Palm Us Off!"

Perth Zoo is calling on the community to take action in a campaign to mandate the labelling of palm oil on all food products. The call-to-action came today as a four-week-old critically endangered Sumatran Orangutan, made her debut. The as-yet-unnamed female orangutan was born at 10:40am on 20 October to 39-year-old mother, Puteri. The infant weighed just under 2 kg at birth.



Exotics Curator Leif Cocks gets a first-hand introduction to the baby...

Photos: Perth Zoo/Ross Swanborough

For more pics and info, read on after the jump...

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Meet a Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtle

Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtles grow to be one of South America's largest, up to 18 lbs and over a foot across, but start their lives only a bit larger than a quarter. Unfortunately for these endangered turtles, they are considered a popular delicacy in and around the Amazon River Basin. The Buffalo Zoo hatched these babies in October where they will soon be on display, and of course, off the menu. 

Baby turtle buffalo zoo 3b rs

Baby turtle buffalo zoo 1 rs

Baby turtle buffalo zoo 2 rs

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San Diego Zoo's Panda Cub Gets a Name

The San Diego Zoo's 15-week-old giant panda received his weekly veterinary exam and was bestowed a name in recognition of his mother. The Chinese name, Yun Zi, which means "son of cloud," is appropriate because the baby's mother was named Bai Yun, meaning "white cloud." Here at ZooBorns we were rooting for Xiao Lóng, which means "little dragon," but the fluffy little cub does bear resemblance to a cloud of fur. 

Baby panda cub san diego zoo 4 rs 

Baby panda cub san diego zoo 6 rs Photo credits: Ken Bohn / San Diego Zoo

See our first pics of the little panda from early September.

Baby Sloths at Aviarios del Caribe

We have featured Costa Rica's sloth rescue center, Aviarios del Caribe, in the past but never any of their incredible baby sloth videos. Enjoy this recent footage and some older video from the world's only sloth rescue center. 

If you are interested in supporting Aviarios del Caribe, adoption information can be found here. Also note that the center includes a boutique hotel for the adventurous so consider planning your next  vacation to sloth-land. 

A Bird in Hand...

The Smithsonian's National Zoo is celebrating back-to-back baby birds with the hatching of four Elegant Crested Tinamou chicks and one Pygmy Falcon in late October. This species of tinamou is native to Chile and Argentina and the father raises the hatchlings. Pygmy Falcons live in Africa and are the continent's smallest bird of prey. The first two pictures are of the falcon and second two feature the tinamous.

Pygmy Falcon Chick national zoo 3 

Pygmy Falcon Chick national zoo 1 rs1 

Elegant crested tinamou national zoo 1 rs1 

Elegant crested tinamou national zoo 2
Photo credits: Mehgan Murphy / National Zoo

More pictures of both species and information available by clicking on "Continue Reading"

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Bonobo Baby Born at Jacksonville Zoo

The Jacksonville Zoo is a-buzz about its new baby bonobo.  Born on November sixth to 24-year-old mother Kuni, the female infant couldn't be in better hands. “The mother has wonderful maternal skills,” said the Zoo’s Director of Animal Programs, Delfi Messinger. “She seems so proud, and shows her baby to the ‘aunties’ in the group, as well as to her human caretakers. The pair will be on exhibit intermittently beginning this weekend depending on social grouping and the weather.”



photos credit: Marian Brickner / Jacksonville Zoo

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Welcome Our First Hyena Cub!

ZooBorns is thrilled to feature its first baby hyena, three month old Kai from the Denver Zoo. Contrary to popular myths about hyenas' bad attitudes, they are actually extremely intelligent and affectionate animals. While little hyenas might look like puppies, they are actually more closely related to cats.

Baby hyena cub denver zoo 1 

Baby hyena cub denver zoo 1a rs 

Baby hyena cub denver zoo 3a

Baby hyena cub denver zoo 2 Photo credits: Dave Parsons / Denver Zoo

Thanks to reader Jearvon D. for bringing this to our attention.

Gentle Rhino Nuzzling at Busch Gardens

Meet Busch Gardens Tampa Bay's newest little white rhino calf. Born this past Wednesday to mother Mlaleni and father Tambo, the baby girl is the third offspring of these busy parents since 2004. Even with skin that can reach a few centimeters thick, mother and baby bond with some muzzle to muzzle nuzzling. 

Rhino busch gardens tampa 4 rs 

Rhino busch gardens tampa 2 rs

Rhino busch gardens tampa 3 rs 

Rhino busch gardens tampa 1 rs2
Photo credits: Matt Marriott / Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Tipping the scales at an estimated 100 lbs., this calf may some day reach nearly 8,000 lbs. After elephants, white rhinoceroses are the largest land animal with the record holder weighing in at 10,000 lbs.

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Foal Envy

Born October 9th at Zoo Basel in Switzerland, this Plain's Zebra foal was the zoo's first in four years! Perhaps because of the novelty, the other zebras in the exhibit were extremely interested in the new foal and arguably jealous, as they made some attempts to steal the baby from its mother. However, the protective mother zebra stood her ground and the herd has settled into a comfortable and supportive dynamic.

Zebra Foal Zoo Basel 2 rs2

Zebra Foal Zoo Basel 3 rs2 

Zebra Foal Zoo Basel 2 rs 

Zebra Foal Zoo Basel rs