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Happy Thanksgibbon

Three-week-old White-Cheeked Gibbon baby 'Walli' drinks bottled milk in the arms of surrogate mother Christina Schneider at the Schwerin Zoo in Germany yesterday, November 25th. The baby was not accepted by its mother and therefore has to be raised by hand. 'Walli' has to be fed every two hours. The hand raising will take about six months.

Walli Takes A Drink
Sweet Parachute Pants!
Photo credits: Jens Buettner / European Pressphoto

Columbus Zoo Lion Cubs Are a Pawful

The Columbus Zoo's little lion cubs are growing up fast and treat mom like a jungle gym. Now ready for their public debut, we strongly recommend you make the trip to watch them romp. African lion populations have decreased by a staggering 50% over the last two decades due to human encroachment. Earlier photos available here.

Lion cubs columbus zoo 1

Lion cubs columbus zoo 4

Lion cubs columbus zoo 6

Lion cubs columbus zoo 7

Lion cubs columbus zoo 2
Photo credits: Grahm Jones / Columbus Zoo

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82 Tiny Baby Sea Turtles Make Lots of Little Waves

Early this month, Sea World San Diego announced the hatching of 82 Baby Sea Turtles on the park's Shipwreck Beach. The hatchlings, born without human aid or incubation, are developing well and park officials are pleased with the progress. The babies eat a varied diet of squid, krill, shrimp, and special pellets. Adult Sea Turtles live to be well over 100 years old!