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Babies of M’Bopicuá

Uruguay's M’Bopicuá Breeding Station works to protect and repopulate native species in danger of extinction around their conservation area. A member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, M’Bopicuá also focuses on environmental education and training with local school children.

Yesterday M’Bopicuá, known in Spanish as Estación de Cría de Fauna M'Bopicuá, shared three beautiful species born at their location, all of which are new to ZooBorns. 

Pampas Cat Kitten

M’Bopicuá Regalo Pampas Cat Baby Kitten rs 

Southern Screamer Parents and Chicks

M’Bopicuá Chajás con pichones Southern Screamer chicks rs

Southern River Otter Pup

M’Bopicuá Southern River Otter Baby Pup

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Pampas Cats grow just over two feet high and resemble stocky house cats with small heads. Well adapted to a wide range of habitats, Pampas Cats range from Central to South America. 

Southern Screamers, also known as the Crested Screamer, are notable for their monogamous lifetime relationships. Although they might look similar to turkeys, screamers are actually most closely related to the duck family. 

The Southern River Otter lives in both marine (saltwater) and freshwater environments. The species is endangered due to illegal hunting, pollution and habitat loss.