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Four Baby 'Taz's' Live Up to Their Reputation

Today at Sydney's Taronga Zoo, four Tasmanian Devil joeys underwent paternity examinations to determine their father. The tests are being done in an effort to aide the survival of the newly endangered species in the wild, which has been struck by a devastating disease. As you can see in the pictures below, even baby Tasmanian Devils liveup to their feisty and ill-tempered reputation. 

Tas devils taronga more light 




09ddevilshr6_full Photos: Getty Images

*** UPDATE ***

The Taronga Zoo has just supplied us with some additional images that prove Tasmanian Devil joeys aren't always so worked up. Looks like they can even be sweet, for a moment or two...

Baby Tasmanian Devil joeys taronga zoo 1 rs 

Baby Tasmanian Devil joeys taronga zoo 2 rs

To learn more about how you can help to save the Tasmanian Devil in the wild, please visit this site.