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Harpy Eagle Chick Born at Miami Metrozoo

Last month the Miami Metrozoo became the second zoo in the United States ever to breed a rare Harpy Eagle. Since baby eagle mortality rates are high, the zoo waited until this week to announce the birth, but happily the baby eagle is in great shape. The chick's gender is unknown as zoo staff cannot get too close. When keepers approach the chick "the mother gets very defensive, opens her wings and covers the chick right away. Then she starts squealing … wheeee wheeee wheee. And when a bird has talons the size of a grizzly bear's paw, you pay attention," explained the zoo spokesman. 

Harpy eagle chick miami metrozoo pic 1 

Harpy eagle chick miami metrozoo 2 

Harpy eagle chick miami metrozoo 4 

Photo credits: Ron Magill / Miami Metrozoo