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Tasmanian Devils Get a Checkup

As the Taronga Zoo vet staff performs check-ups on their new little Tasmanian Devil joeys, we check back in on these feisty little babies. Characterized by their black fur, pungent odour when stressed, extremely loud and disturbing screech, and ferocity when feeding1, Tasmanian Devils make poor dinner guests.  

Baby tasmanian devil joey taronga zoo 1 

Baby tasmanian devil joey taronga zoo 2 

Baby tasmanian devil joey taronga zoo 3 

Baby tasmanian devil joey taronga zoo 4Photo credits: Lorinda Taylor / Taronga Zoo 

As mentioned in our previous post, a recent epidemic has devastated the Tasmanian Devil population and researchers are racing to protect the species. You can help by learning more and donating.

1. Couldn't resist using this perfectly worded line from the BBC.

Virginia Zoo Welcomes Leggy Girl

Mother giraffes give birth standing up, so newborn calves drop 6 feet to the ground. However, baby giraffes are often 6 feet tall and upwards of 150 lbs., so they don't seem to mind. Born October 23rd, the new giraffe calf at the Virginia Zoo promises to be a tall girl as her father, Billy, is on his way to being the tallest giraffe in North America, standing at 17 feet and still growing.

Baby giraffe calf virginia zoo 1 

Baby giraffe calf virginia zoo 3 

Baby giraffe calf virginia zoo 2

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World's Largest Rodent Has Three Tiny Babies

The Buffalo Zoo welcomed three baby capybaras on September 10th. The zoo tells us that the three babies were running around and even swimming the day they were born. The proud capybara parents have had three previous litters for a total of 20 offspring! Capybaras are the world's largest rodent with the largest recorded size at 232 lbs (105 kg)!

Looking serious...

Baby capybara buffalo zoo 3 

Baby capybara buffalo zoo 4
Photo credits: Buffalo Zoo

Harpy Eagle Chick Born at Miami Metrozoo

Last month the Miami Metrozoo became the second zoo in the United States ever to breed a rare Harpy Eagle. Since baby eagle mortality rates are high, the zoo waited until this week to announce the birth, but happily the baby eagle is in great shape. The chick's gender is unknown as zoo staff cannot get too close. When keepers approach the chick "the mother gets very defensive, opens her wings and covers the chick right away. Then she starts squealing … wheeee wheeee wheee. And when a bird has talons the size of a grizzly bear's paw, you pay attention," explained the zoo spokesman. 

Harpy eagle chick miami metrozoo pic 1 

Harpy eagle chick miami metrozoo 2 

Harpy eagle chick miami metrozoo 4 

Photo credits: Ron Magill / Miami Metrozoo

Twin Tiger Girls Are a Handful

Our first submission from the Milwaukee County Zoo and it couldn't be better; two female tiger cubs born this summer made their debut earlier this month. We recommend you make your way to Milwaukee immediately to meet the new arrivals in person, but in the meantime, enjoy these outstanding pictures.

Baby Tiger Cubs Milwaukee County Zoo 2 

Baby Tiger Cubs Milwaukee County Zoo 4 

Baby Tiger Cubs Milwaukee County Zoo 7

Baby Tiger Cubs Milwaukee County Zoo 3 

Baby Tiger Cubs Milwaukee County Zoo 6 

Baby Tiger Cubs Milwaukee County Zoo 1 

Baby Tiger Cubs Milwaukee County Zoo 9

The Siberian Tiger, also known as the Amur Tiger, once roamed from the coasts of Eastern Russia all the way to Turkey. Now it is endangered with only an estimated 350 left in the wild and those are confined to a small patch of Siberia. The primary threat to the existing tiger population is the Asian medicine market.

Four Baby 'Taz's' Live Up to Their Reputation

Today at Sydney's Taronga Zoo, four Tasmanian Devil joeys underwent paternity examinations to determine their father. The tests are being done in an effort to aide the survival of the newly endangered species in the wild, which has been struck by a devastating disease. As you can see in the pictures below, even baby Tasmanian Devils liveup to their feisty and ill-tempered reputation. 

Tas devils taronga more light 




09ddevilshr6_full Photos: Getty Images

*** UPDATE ***

The Taronga Zoo has just supplied us with some additional images that prove Tasmanian Devil joeys aren't always so worked up. Looks like they can even be sweet, for a moment or two...

Baby Tasmanian Devil joeys taronga zoo 1 rs 

Baby Tasmanian Devil joeys taronga zoo 2 rs

To learn more about how you can help to save the Tasmanian Devil in the wild, please visit this site.

What's a Dik-Dik?

The world's smallest antelope, Dik-Diks reach only 12"-16" in adulthood. On September 10th, the Phoenix Zoo welcomed a newborn Dik-Dik to first-time mother "Gidget." Weighing under 2lbs, smaller than most guinea pigs, the tiny calf has grown quickly since birth.

Big dik dik baby 2 rs 

Dik dik baby phoenix zoo rs2

Read more about new baby Dik-dik "Moon" in a first hand account from the Phoenix Zoo's Hoof Stock Keeper by clicking "Continue reading" below and follow them on Twitter here.

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