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Meet the Columbus Zoo's Newest Little Langur

Highly social leaf-eating monkeys, Silvery Langurs are native to Southeast Asia. Like some other types of langurs, baby silvery langurs are born with bright orange fur. This is mother Patty's first baby but the third for the Columbus Zoo, the other two born to "Gumby."

Silvery langur baby columbus zoo 1 rs 

Silvery langur baby columbus zoo 3 rs 

Silvery langur baby columbus zoo 4 rs 

Newest Langur baby:

Sex:  Male

DOB:  6 July 2009

Sire:  Digby (5 years old)

Dam:  Patty (8.5 years old)

Other information

This is Patty's first offspring at Columbus and Digby's third offspring at Columbus (the other two are with Gumby). The baby  is the third langur that to be  at Columbus; the first was born on 07/07/07 and the other was born on 8/8/08.

Silvery langurs are native to Southeast Asia. They typically live in large social groups of 10-18 individuals. The babies are born with flame-orange fur, which will turn to the silvery-grey of the adults within three to five months. The baby and mother typically share a tight bond, but other females within the troop will often assist with babysitting and care of the infant. Silvery langurs are leaf-eating monkeys (as their name suggests) and spend much of their time arboreal, eating young leaves, shoots, and fruit. Silvered leaf monkeys are tagged as "Near Threatened" by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. However, due continuing and extensive habitat loss, the species is believed to be in decline.