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Up Close and Personal with a Baby Barbary Macaque

ZooBorns Speaks Your Language (or wants to anyway)


ZooBorns gets visitors from all around the world but we would like it to make it even easier for our non-English speaking guests to enjoy and learn from the site. We are looking for experienced bloggers in foreign countries interested in operating a ZooBorns site in their native country/region and language. Most of the role will involve translating posts but we would also encourage you to track down stories from local zoos.

We wish we could accomodate everyone and anyone, but the truth is that this will be a time consuming position that must be managed consistently and professionally. To this end, we can only invite experienced bloggers over the age of 18 to apply. Of primary importance are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Russian bloggers, but we are open to other possibilities. 

While there are small potential revenue possibilities, the primary motivation must be a passion for the mission of ZooBorns to educate while we entertain. To learn more, please tell us a bit about yourself in an email to zooborns [at]