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Little Loggerheads Weather the Storm at Sea World

Rough seas caused by Hurricane Bill prevented this tiny week-old trio baby Loggerhead Sea Turtles from safely trekking to the ocean from their nest. Lucky for them, park rangers in Cape Canaveral, Florida scooped them up and sent them to Sea World Orlando's Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Team for a few days of pampering until the seas calm down. Weighing around an ounce at birth, adult Loggerheads reach up to 800lbs!  

Baby loggerhead sea turtle sea world orlando 1

Baby loggerhead sea turtle sea world orlando 2

Baby loggerhead sea turtle sea world orlando 3

Loggerheads are threatened by crab and shrimp boats as well as human obstacles that impede their journey from their nest on the beach to the shoreline. Artificial lighting, noise and beach activity can confuse causing them to head away from the ocean and toward parking lots and city streets. Learn more about sea turtles in general on Sea World's info page or about Loggerheads specifically, including how to help, at Oceana.