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August 2009

After 30 Years, Owls are Back in Town!

On August 2, the National Zoo welcomed two burrowing owl chicks—the first hatching of this species at the Zoo in 30 years. A recent population management plan recommended breeding the Zoo’s current adult pair. The burrowing owl is named for their habit of living in underground burrows. It can excavate its own hole but usually uses a burrow dug by another animal.



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What's a Pudu?

Earlier this summer, the Bristol Zoo welcomed a baby Pudu to its fold. Born weighing just 1kg (2.2lbs), the tiny youngster is part of an international conservation breeding program. Pudus are the world’s smallest species of deer, standing just 38cm at the shoulder when fully grown and weighing around 9-15kg (20-33lbs). A male’s antlers only grow to 10cm long.




Special thanks to rhubarbed and ungulate dave for the pics.

London's Latest Lion Babies Live it Up

For the first time in 10 years, two Asian lion cubs have been born at the ZSL London Zoo. Only ten weeks old, the brother and sister are the first cubs to be born to parents Abi and Lucifer. The furry youngsters have spent the last couple of weeks bounding around their paddock, familiarizing themselves with the outdoor enclosure. 

Baby lion cub zsl london zoo 3

Baby lion cub zsl london zoo 1

Baby lion cub zsl london zoo 2

More pics and info below the fold...

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Meal Time and Play Time for a Little Addax

The Addax is a critically endangered antelope native to the Western Sahara. With only an estimated 200-300 Addax left in the wild, every birth in captivity helps ensure the survival, and potential re-population, of this species. This little boy was born June 17th at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo. Lots of happy antelope tail-wagging in this video.

Definitely watch past the first minute to see some wobbly bounding.

Learn more about baby "Chad" at the Chicago Zoological Society's website.

Tiny Tiger Triplets Say - "Roar!"

Born June 2nd, these critically endangered male Amur Tiger cubs are now on public display at Utah's Hogle Zoo. Mother Basha has been busily attending to the three playful little brothers and they have been growing steadily for the past three months. Amur Tigers are the largest of all cat species, reaching 11 feet and up to 650 lbs. in adulthood.

Baby tiger cubs utahs hogle zoo 1

Baby tiger cubs utahs hogle zoo 2

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Little Loggerheads Weather the Storm at Sea World

Rough seas caused by Hurricane Bill prevented this tiny week-old trio baby Loggerhead Sea Turtles from safely trekking to the ocean from their nest. Lucky for them, park rangers in Cape Canaveral, Florida scooped them up and sent them to Sea World Orlando's Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Team for a few days of pampering until the seas calm down. Weighing around an ounce at birth, adult Loggerheads reach up to 800lbs!  

Baby loggerhead sea turtle sea world orlando 1

Baby loggerhead sea turtle sea world orlando 2

Baby loggerhead sea turtle sea world orlando 3

Loggerheads are threatened by crab and shrimp boats as well as human obstacles that impede their journey from their nest on the beach to the shoreline. Artificial lighting, noise and beach activity can confuse causing them to head away from the ocean and toward parking lots and city streets. Learn more about sea turtles in general on Sea World's info page or about Loggerheads specifically, including how to help, at Oceana.