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What's a Takin?

We here at ZooBorns have been waiting for great shots of a baby takin to share with you for quite some time and we are happy to say that the LA Zoo has delivered! On July 3rd they welcomed a baby female takin, a type of goat-antelope, like the serow we featured last week. The takin share their mountainous habitat with the giant panda and both are protected by the Chinese government.

Dad and baby have a moment

Baby Takin with Dad LA Zoo

Mom looks proud

Sichuan Takin LA Zoo 

Sichuan Takin

A first for the L.A. Zoo is the birth of a female Sichuan takin, born on July 3, 2009!

Though takin may look like a combination of various animals: the snout of a moose, horns of a cow, tail of a bear, body of a buffalo and a mountain goat’s feet and agility, takins actually belong to a group of animals called goat-antelope. This group also includes domestic sheep and goats.

In China takin share a mountain habitat with the giant panda, which has proven beneficial for the takin’s preservation. Pandas are an “umbrella species,” which means that protecting panda habitats also safeguards the other animals that share their habitats. Like the panda, the takin is considered a treasure in its native land and is protected by the Chinese government. The newest addition to the Zoo’s takin herd is wandering the exhibit with its parents!