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Baby Cape Porcupine aka "Prickly Piggy"

This baby Cape porcupine was born June 6th at Switzerland's Zoo Basel. Unusually long-lived for a rodent, Cape porcupines live up to 20 years. Although the English name is hardly any better, we are always amused by the German translations of animal names, in this case the German word for "baby porcupine" roughly translates to "Prickly Piggy." 

Mom has food. Baby prickly pig is intrigued
Baby porcupine zoo basel 1 rs

Baby porcupine zoo basel 1b rs

Perhaps nuzzling will provide access to delicious carrot
Baby porcupine zoo basel 2

Baby porcupine zoo basel 3 rs closeup

Is there delicious carrot in this porcu's future? Tune in next week to find out.