Trifecta of cute at the Smithsonian Zoo

Adopt a Jaguar (or Three!)

Caring for new zoo borns is pricey, particularly so for large carnivores, and times three when you have triplets! Well now you can help feed and care for the Akron Zoo's three adorable jaguar cubs through their Care for a Critter Program. Besides the fact that you will be assisting conservation efforts for an endangered species, it also makes a great gift for that zoo/cat lover in your life as the sponsorship package includes a 12-inch plush jaguar, a photo of the cubs, a certificate of sponsorship, a jaguar fact sheet, your name on the zoo’s website and two tickets to the zoo’s Care for a Critter Appreciation Day on September 19, 2009 (if you don't live in Ohio, maybe you can donate the tix to someone in the area).

Jaguar cubs akron zoo

Sign up on the Zoo's website or call (330) 375-2550 ext. 7231. On a side note, as an animal lover from a young age, the animal adoption packages I received as a child were some of my favorite gifts. A great way to both reward and educate a young person in your life.