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June 2009

Tawny Frogmouth Fluff Ball

The Woodland Park Zoo proudly welcomed their first ever Tawny frogmouth hatchling last week. After a quick examination by zoo staff, the tiny cotton ball was quickly returned to the nest and its parents have been feeding it regularly. 

Tawny frogmouth chick 1

Tawny frogmouth chick 2

Tawny frogmouth chick 3


Tawny frogmouth chick 4
Photo Credits: Ryan Hawk, Woodland Park Zoo

Both mother and father frogmouth typically look after their young for the first month or so until the chick is ready to leave the nest. Currently parents and chick are off exhibit to give the new family some private time, but you can follow them at the Woodland Park Zoo's blog.

Oregon's Orphaned Cougar Baby

Last month, a cougar cub was discovered in Klamaath Falls, Oregon. Residing temporarily in the care of the Oregon Zoo, the cub is preparing for a move to his new home at The Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo.  Here, puma expert Michelle Schireman is seen yesterday, caring for the young cougar.





There are a couple more blow the fold...

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Penguin Chicks in the Palm of Your Hand

The Shedd Aquarium’s newly hatched Magellanic penguin chicks are small enough to fit into your cupped hands — for now, anyway. These chicks are between 15-24 days old and once full grown will be settled in the renovated penguin habitat in the Oceanarium’s new Polar Play Zone exhibit.

Penguin Chick Shedd Aquarium 3 rs

Penguin Chick Shedd Aquarium 1 rs

Penguin Chicks Shedd Aquarium Group Photo rs

Penguin Chick Shedd Aquarium 2 rs

These fast-growing penguins triple in size during their first week. Magellanic penguins can grow to be around 27 inches high and weigh seven to nine pounds.

Orphaned Pangolin Baby

Yes, it's a mammal!  Zoo keepers at Thailand's Dusit Zoo nurse a baby Pangolin. Villagers found the baby abandoned on a roadside in the outskirts of Bangkok. Pangolins curl up when frightened, exposing sharp scales for defense. Babies, like this one photograped Tuesday, have much softer scales, which harden as they mature.

APTOPIX_Thailand_Pangolin_SL101_822596109062009_741765874 SAKCHAI LALIT, AP