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Otter Twins in Auckland - Handfuls of Fluff

Jana and Juno, the Auckland Zoo's resident otter couple, spent a year in courtship before they decided they liked one another. Asian small-clawed otters mate for life but are "notoriously fussy" about who that mate will be. Well a few weeks ago Jana gave birth to two fluffy male pups, weighing just 400-500 grams or just about a pound.

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Baby otter does not look pleased
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I will trade you anything for your handful of otter
New zealand guy with baby otter rs

"Otters don't develop their waterproof coats until three months, so for now with their big strong heads on top of their little uncoordinated bodies and their soft furry coats, they're incredibly cute - rather like cuddly little baby bull dogs." explained Auckland Zoo otter team leader, Amy Dixon. These little pups are the first Asian small-clawed otters born at an Australasian zoo in six years.

Thanks to Abbey Allpress for the tip!