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Two fluffy Canadian Lynx kittens were welcomed at the Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo last week as part of the AZA's Population Management Plan for the species which called for additional genetic diversity in the zoo population. Lucky visitors to the NEW Zoo can see the kittens between noon and 3pm daily through a viewing window at the animal hospital. For those of you not in the area, enjoy the video at the bottom.

Baby lynx kitten at new zoo 1 rs

Lynx kitten wisconsin at new zoo 2 rs

Looking ferocious
Lynx kitten wisconsin at new zoo 3 rs

The Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo is pleased to announce the debut of Carson and Lucy, a pair of Canadian Lynx kittens. The little cats are spending a portion of their day in the animal hospital viewing window from Noon to 3pm daily. The AZA Canadian Lynx Population Management Plan called for the addition of individuals (and genetic diversity) into the zoo population. Carson and Lucy are unrelated 7 week old Canadian Lynx kittens born at a private facility in Minnesota. Their transfer to the Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo was made possible by the generous donation of dedicated zoo volunteers Kathy and Lee Anderson.