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White-Naped Crane Chick Debuts in Toledo

Anita and Ivan, resident white-necked cranes at the Toledo Zoo, just gave birth to a healthy little chick. Fiercely protective of their young, the large birds can be a bit daunting to zookeepers.

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White-Naped Crane Chick Hatches

Toledo, Ohio—The Toledo Zoo once again celebrates an important hatching as it welcomes the arrival of a white-naped crane. The chick was born to mother Anita and father Ivan on April 27. Both Anita and Ivan are first-time parents, and this is the first time that this species has been hatched at The Toledo Zoo. The crane family can be seen in the area between the waterfowl and penguin exhibits; they can also be seen from the bridge ramp.

According to Robert Webster, the Zoo’s Curator of Birds, “Both of these first-time parents are doing a great job, which is very encouraging. White-naped cranes tend to be fiercely protective of their young, so we will be taking great care as we work to ensure the chick’s well-being.” A name for the chick will be selected once its sex has been determined.Three-year-old mother Anita was hatched at the National Zoo’s off-site Conservation and Research Center, located in Front Royal, VA. Father Ivan hatched in May 2002 at the Memphis Zoo. This is not only the first successful hatching, but also the first egg that either has ever produced, making this accomplishment even more notable.

Currently there are 60 white-naped cranes at 22 AZA-accredited zoos; only two other crane chicks have hatched in the last year. As wetlands have continued to be lost throughout its native Asia, the white-naped crane has been listed as Vulnerable on the World Conservation Union’s Red List of Threatened Species. In order to help ensure a healthy and genetically diverse zoo population throughout the country, The Toledo Zoo participates in a Species Survival Plan (SSP) in conjunction with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).