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Baby Meerkats were presented yesterday to the press at the London Zoo. The youngsters, Lia and Roo, were abandoned by their mother and are now cared for by keeper Suzi Hyde, who look after the duo day and night. Photos by Jenny Duval.

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Zookeepers took the Zoo’s latest additions, sisters Lia and Roo, into their care after their mother abandoned them.


The motherless youngsters soon got a new mummy in the guise of zookeeper Suzi Hyde, who has been caring for the duo day and night.


At first Suzi bottle fed the pair every two hours day and night, but has now reduced this to every four and the pair are thriving. Keepers are now taking it in turns to feed the youngsters so that they don’t become too attached to Suzi and will take food from other keepers too.


Suzi said: "They are doing very well; at first it was quite difficult getting up with them every few hours but now they are developing their own little personalities.


"Like any sisters they are very different; Lia is much more laid back than Roo, who is very mischievous and wants to play all the time - she has even started to stand up on her hind legs trying to do the famous meerkat 'lookout pose'."


As the playful pair grow up they will be joining the Zoo’s Animals in Action demonstration where visitors can meet and learn more about the different species at ZSL London Zoo.