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Manitoba Kangaroo Baby Is out of Her Pouch

Earlier this month, at the Assiniboine Park Zoo this tiny red kangaroo was accidentally ejected from her Mom's pouch. Caregivers at the Zoo have fashioned a fleece "pouch" and are administering a solution which mimics Mom's milk. It was impossible to determine which of the female's had lost her joey, without causing stress to the animals. With the help of the Zoo's staff, this baby Kangaroo will bounce back!




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Fluffy Pheasant Chick

Eventually growing to a height of narly 3 ½ feet feet, this newborn Malayan Great Argus pheasant chick is only a couple of inches tall at the moment. Hatched May 13 at SeaWorld San Diego, a breeding pair of Great Argus pheasants can be seen by guests on behind-the-scenes tours at the marine-life park.

Pheasant chick at SeaWorld 1

Ready for take-off!

Pheasant chick at SeaWorld 2

Little feathers close-up

Pheasant Feathers Closeup

Although not currently endangered, the bird is considered threatened due to declining numbers in the wild.  The chick weighed only two ounces when it hatched.

First Lion Cubs in 25 Years for Blackpool Zoo

Three little female lion cubs were welcomed at the Blackpool Zoo in April and just unveiled to the media this week. Born to lioness "Gillian," the little girls mark the first lion birth at the Zoo in 25 years. 

Lion Cubs Blackpool 1

Lion Cubs Blackpool 2

Lion Cubs Blackpool 3

Looking ferocious


According to the Blackpool Zoo, “Gillian is a brilliant mother and is looking after her cubs and keeping them out of mischief!  The cubs are very cute and really fun loving and playful.”

Asian Olifant in Antwerp

Oliftanje means "little elephant" in Dutch, and this adorable bundle of trumpeting joy was born yesterday at the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium. After 38 hours of labor, mother Phyo Phyo gave birth to a healthy 176 lb (80 kilo) girl.

Baby olifant 5

Baby olifant 3

Baby olifant 2

Looking bashful

Baby olifant 1

If you speak Dutch or French, you can follow the development of the new baby on her dedicated site. If you speak English, feel free to click about randomly and hope for the best.

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Little Cats, Big Appetites

The eight-week-old clouded leopard cubs born at the Smithsonian National Zoo’s Conservation and Research Center (CRC) are now eating solid food in addition to formula. Their diet includes 8 grams of cooked chopped chicken, three times per day.






The cubs are growing at a steady and healthy rate—the larger cub weighs 3 lb. and 3.5 oz. and the smaller cub weighs 2 lb. and 12 oz. Additionally, the cubs now ‘chuff’, which can be described as a puffing sound and is considered a sign of recognition. The length of their play sessions has increased and they interact more with their caregivers.

LA Zoo Gerenuk Looking Other-Worldly

Gerenuks are shy, slight creatures. When threatened or preyed upon, a gerenuk may stand very still behind a bush or a tree and slowly creep away with its head lowered, or gallop toward a place of safety. Although these antelopes are not particularly fast, they are difficult to chase because they dart in, around, and between the desert bushes and trees. These photos were taken at the LA Zoo just days ago.




Two adult female Gerenuk stand guard.

Thanks to MickiP65 for the photos via flickr.