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First Lion Cubs in 25 Years for Blackpool Zoo

Asian Olifant in Antwerp

Oliftanje means "little elephant" in Dutch, and this adorable bundle of trumpeting joy was born yesterday at the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium. After 38 hours of labor, mother Phyo Phyo gave birth to a healthy 176 lb (80 kilo) girl.

Baby olifant 5

Baby olifant 3

Baby olifant 2

Looking bashful

Baby olifant 1

If you speak Dutch or French, you can follow the development of the new baby on her dedicated site. If you speak English, feel free to click about randomly and hope for the best.
A poorly translated (by us) press release is below.


After + - 38 hours, counting as from the nulmeting, the first Belgian baby olifantje came healthily in the world in the Antwerp Zoo. The labour went successfully and smoothly. The need scenario remained put away fortunately. The young diertje are a cow with a weight of no less than 80 kilos. The emotions of the attendants (Marcel, Bart, Jonas, Cedric, Tony and Bruno) incurred during the labour high. And also now the adrenalin quality and the euforie in the Egyptische temple are enormous. 

Mummy Phyo Phyo put its fifth telg on the world with baby to K and proved its qualities as a mother. Proudly we put thus this new nazaat of the threatened Asian elephants for. On the Internet site live you everything on the first file. Live the labour can reconsider you there. The elephant attendants bloggen their super news the world. The first photograph reportages of mummy Phyo Phyo and small K splatters of the baffle. This way sweet, this way vulnerable, this way fantastic and marvellous! After a successful labour we go both mother and young the first days time dedicate to rest to come and prepare itself to the undoubtedly many baby visitors. 

Provisionally the Egyptische temple is not yet accessible. We pile up for this your term. As from Wednesday 20 May visitors baby can admire K. The press to invite we from on Tuesday 19 May for 10u in the Antwerp Zoo. Baby K gets then official its name.