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Miley the Baby Bactrian Camel

Originally ignored by her mother, the Mesker Park Zoo's newest Bactrian camel calf was cared for by keepers for her first week. However, mother camel, Renee, finally came around and is now hopelessly devoted to her little girl, following little Miley everywhere around the exhibit.

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Camel mesker park zoo 2
Above Photo Credit: Bill Palmer

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Learn more about the little camel on the Mesker Park Zoo's blog

The Zoo’s newest addition, a Bactrian camel, was placed on exhibit for the first time today.  Baby camel Miley seems to be adjusting well and greatly enjoying her new surroundings.  She shares the camel yard with parents Renee and Franklin in the Asian section of Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden.  Miley was born on April 20, 2009 weighing 31.5 pounds.  Under the care of the Zoo’s veterinary and keeper staff, she has grown to almost 50 pounds and continues to gain strength.  Bactrian camels, the “two hump” variety, are found in the wilds of northwest China and Mongolia and are on the critically endangered animals list.