Tiny Tamarins at the Hogle Zoo
Orangutan Adoration

Cincinnati's Lynx Babies

Two Eurasian lynx were born March 26th at the Cincinnati Zoo to parents “Birk” and “Nahlin”. The Eurasian lynx is uncommon in U.S. zoos and the Cincinnati Zoo is excited to be home to the newest additions. ZooBorns is proud to welcome the pair as the first of their kind to be featured on our site.




Photo Credits: (top: David Jenike and the Cincinnati Zoo, bottom two: Connie Lemperle and the Cincinnati Zoo)

The Zoo has also welcomed a baby, takin, okapi, golden head lion tamarin, a Bennet’s wallaby, galapagos tortoises, an Angolan python, a green tree python, and MORE... All these ZooBorns can be seen at the Zoo's "Zoo Babies" event which runs from May 9th to May 24th.