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Nubian Goat Kids at the Indianapolis Zoo

Nubian goat kids were born April 8 in The Indianapolis Zoo's Encounters area.  The one on the right (first photo) is a male named Domino and the one on the left is a female named Polka Dot.  Mom is named Spot! Anglo-Nubian goats originated in England as a cross between the Old English Milch Goat and the Zariby and Nubian bucks imported from India, Russia, and Egypt.


here we see Polka Dot with another brother, Stuart..

Soaking in the rays

Copyright Photographer Fred Cate.

Baby Panda Cub Born at Thailand's Chiang Mai Zoo

First time panda mom Lin Hui gave birth to a healthy female cub yesterday at Thailand's Chiang Mai Zoo. This marks the first panda born in Thailand. Previously the only countries to have celebrated a successful panda birth are China, Japan and the United States.

(New Photo added 5/29/09)
Photo Credit: (AP)

Baby panda lin hui at chiang mai zoo thailand 3
Photo credit: Associated Press

Baby panda lin hui at chiang mai zoo thailand 1
Photo credit: Agencies

Baby panda lin hui at chiang mai zoo thailand 4
Photo credit: Reuters

Baby panda lin hui at chiang mai zoo thailand 2 
Photo credit: AFP

Mother panda Lin Hui has been very attentive to her new cub and her behavior suggests she might give birth to another cub sometime today. ZooBorns will keep you posted.  

Miley the Baby Bactrian Camel

Originally ignored by her mother, the Mesker Park Zoo's newest Bactrian camel calf was cared for by keepers for her first week. However, mother camel, Renee, finally came around and is now hopelessly devoted to her little girl, following little Miley everywhere around the exhibit.

Camel mesker park zoo 3 ab

Camel mesker park zoo 2
Above Photo Credit: Bill Palmer

Camel head mesker park zoo 1 ab

Learn more about the little camel on the Mesker Park Zoo's blog

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