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On March 18th proud, Collared Lemur parents Vera and Jean Luc gave birth to a single tiny baby at the Bronx Zoo. Like the sifaka lemurs we have covered, baby collared lemurs cling tightly to mom for the first few weeks of life. We'd show you more but all we can see is a head, a hand, and the occasional tail sticking out of the fluff. 

Baby collared lemur with mom 1

Baby collared lemur 1

Baby collared lemur 2

Baby collared lemur 3

Check out the Bronx Zoo's awesome Lemur Life site to learn about the distinct personalities of their resident lemurs.
Meet undeniably one of the cutest new babies at the Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo Madagascar! exhibit, a baby collared lemur born on March 18.  Proud parents, Vera and Jean Luc, can be seen with their little one inside their spiny forest habitat, which they share with a lively group of ring-tailed lemurs.  The baby collared lemur hangs on tightly to first-time mom, Vera.  To learn more about the romance and personalities of Vera and her mate, Jean Luc, check out "Lemur Life" at and click on their names.
The Bronx Zoo’s new, permanent Madagascar! exhibit is home to several species of lemurs, plus two huge Nile crocodiles, rare fossa, ring-tailed mongoose (the only pair in North America,) and lots of other rare critters from this exotic African island nation.  The Wildlife Conservation Society has worked in Madagascar for over 20 years protecting wildlife and wild places.