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A Fawn with a Fro

Growing only slightly bigger than a large goat, European Fallow Deer are beautiful creatures that retain their white spots into adulthood. Native to Southern Europe along the Mediterranean, these fawns were born in Dec. of 2008 at the Mogo Zoo in Australia. Pictures provided by PsiberTek Photography.

European fallow deer fawn 1 rs2

European fallow deer fawn 2 rs

European fallow deer fawn 3 rs

Information from the Mogo Zoo website.

European Fallow Deer (Dama dama)

The original home of the fallow deer was the Mediterranean region of Southern Europe, including Anatolia and the islands of Rhodes, to southern Iran.

The earliest liberation of the fallow deer to the mainland was in the 1840s to Victoria when hunting was popular. Since then, there have been a number of liberations, and the species is now present in 5 of the 8 states and territories, however, only in 1, Tasmania, are they numerous.

Features: There are many variations in the colour of fallow deer, all of which differ to a greater or lesser degree from one season to another.

Antlers: Palmeted.

Sexual maturity: 14-16 months.

Gestation: 7.5 months.

Number of young: One, twins occur occasionally.

Habit: Gentle animals with strong herding instincts. They are primarily grazing animals and can be raised in a domestic livestock operation.

Diet: Deer are both grazers and browsers.

Lifespan: Unknown in the wild. 13 - 15years in captivity.