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Sorry to get your hopes up, but the Moody Gardens' porcupine baby, born February 26th, is not able to change colors. Each of the pictures below does, however, show the little fur-ball in a different light for your prickly, prehensile-tailed pleasure. 


"Benito" is the second birth of his kind in Galveston, TX's Moody Gardens history. 



Galveston, Texas… Spring is often associated with new life, and the hurricane-recovering island is no exception. Galveston’s Moody Gardens is celebrating the births of a porcupine and two king penguin chicks. Benito the prehensile-tail porcupine was born on Feb. 26, and the two penguin chicks both hatched on Feb. 18.

“It’s this kind of news that makes us realize a new and great season is here,” said Animal Husbandry Manager Greg Whittaker. “We hope people will join us this spring and check out the newborns while seeing the tremendous progress Galveston has made in its recovery since Hurricane Ike.”

The prehensile-tail porcupine baby is the second successful birth of its species at Moody Gardens. His mother is believed to have been pregnant either during or shortly after the storm. The baby was appropriately named Benito, which means “lucky one.” The fuzzy, chocolate-brown critter is scheduled to be transferred into an exhibit for public viewing this spring break.