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One Big Kitten: Tiger Cub at the Jerusalem Zoo

Born on New Years Eve, these adorable pictures were taken when the tiger cub was 6 weeks old. Ignored by its mother, the little boy requires constant care and is being raised in the home of Jerusalem Zoo veterinarian, Nili Avni-Magen. 

Tiger cub jersualem zoo profile

Tiger bottle feeding

Outside of the cub's room, a sign reads "Warning: Tiger Inside" but visitors have a hard time feeling threatened when they step in and find him playing with Nili's 3 year old daughter or sprawled out on a stuffed tiger toy that doubles as a bed. Called Sylvester by some, Tigger by others, and Coochie by Nili's daughter, the tiger will soon be moved to an area adjacent to its mother and father to become better acquainted. 

Tiger cub jersualem zoo with toy

Tiger cub jersualem zoo biting knee

Photo credits: Tibor Jager

Tiger cub jersualem zoo with shoe

Tiger cub jersualem zoo in lap